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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Well, we are officially moved into the condo.  It was an extremely tiring and difficult process. Nothing went as planned, and I can’t find my apricots. 

It may sound silly in light of everything else, but I’m super frustrated that I can’t find my apricots.  It took a lot of work to get them and now they are packed away somewhere in the storage cave that looks like a giant Jenga death game.  You would think I would be more upset about the missing Nintendo Switch, which I had packed for the trip, but evidently certain unnamed children decided to unpack it and  put it somewhere random. It’s a common M.O. for my youngest to get the IPAD or whatever electronic device she knows she’s not supposed to get on without permission, and hide in a closet to play on it.. The movers don’t remember it, but it’s probably stuffed in a box or drawer somewhere.  So, in any case, where it is in storage is a mystery, but I’m sure we will uncover it some day and it will be a joyous event. Not so with the apricots. I’m sure they will be petrified remnants by the time I come across them.  

So those, along with other needed items like extension cords and curtains, are safely stored.  The condo has pulled together nicely and it will be very comfortable once everything is done. We are several days behind in our departure date, but are planning to leave sometime this weekend.  Now that I’ve unpacked everything, I have to pack again. I can tell I’m resistant. I just want to relax for a while. I’m struggling to even think about what to pack for this trip.  

It’s a little confusing.  Clothes and toiletries, obviously, but I’m also going to be packing knives, the Apple TV... oh, and food.  Since we have so much food, we are taking some of it with us. The house we are renting is fully furnished, but there’s a lot of missing details.  Two months is longer than a vacation, but not really a permanent thing. Is it bad that I’m already counting on the fact that I’m flying back down to AZ a couple times to help offset what I forget the first time around?  Keep in mind that we are the type of people who return to the house at least 3 times when departing on any vacation requiring driving. I think one of us should just drive around the block a few times before we decide to load everyone in to the car.  It might save us a few trips back.  


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