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Hitting the Road

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Day one one of what it looks like is going to be a four day road trip, went fairly smoothly.   By and large my kids are great travelers. They actually both started on their school work. The dogs are doing good.  The worst is probably me having to deal with my husband’s driving. Maybe it’s not him, but these California drivers who don’t believe in keeping safe distances between cars.  Either way, I need to invest in a neck brace. 

Last night we stayed with some friends of ours in the L.A.  area. I was very tempted to stay there for a few days in their beautiful home and enjoy their hospitality.  They are wonderful, and I’ve been exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I fell asleep mid sentence while relaxing outside with wine.  What? Unheard of! I’m still exhausted today. All of the craziness is catching up to me.  

We got a late start this morning.   It’s Monday and that means an insane amount of emails and messages for my husband to deal with.   He’s a pacer, so he stomped all around the house and yard talking to employees and clients. I get exhausted just watching him… which me and my friend did over a leisurely cup of coffee.  Between kids and him, there is no need for other entertainment. 

So, we finally got on the road again, and are now in the middle of nowhere California listening to James Taylor, playing a “what if” game.   We have a game we play that we call “TEOTWAWKI Right Now”. Basically we ask what would you do if Teotwawaki (the end of the world as we know it) happened right at this moment.  My son says if Teotwawki happened right now we would probably die. I think he’s right… it’s pretty desolate.


We are currently parked on the I-5, with police cars whizzing by on the shoulder.   My husband is out talking to fellow stuck drivers, and it’s not looking good for arriving on time for dinner.  What are you going to do? We are looking forward to staying with family tonight in the San Francisco Bay Area, if we can ever get there. My sister in law tells me it’s raining and in the 60’s at her house, so I guess I’m going to have pull out some long sleeve shirts.  Oh wait, they are all in storage.  

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