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Slogging Through

The last few weeks have been busy, but what's new? We are busy people, and to complain about it would be stupid, because obviously at this point in life it's a choice....right? Well, I admit that's partially true.

There is a lot we have to get lined up to make this upcoming year successful. While I had plans to sort out the storage shed, I'm thinking that may have to wait. I also had wanted to take these few months to view Arizona through the eyes of a tourist more so than a resident, but so far there hasn't been much time for that. Do you ever have one of those days, or in my case weeks, that everything seems harder than normal? I don't know why, but this week feels like I'm trying to juggle cats. It's been busy and requiring a lot of multi-tasking. I used to excel at multi-tasking, but lately I find it annoying. I should clarify my definition of's like being in the middle of a task requiring all your concentration, and then getting baseballs randomly thrown at your face. In any case, I have to take a deep breath, slow down, and generally make a list. Yes, I'm a list maker.

My lists so far consist of the following:

-Get kids to complete their first semester.

-Finalize all real estate transactions prior to departure.

-List 'flip home" prior to departure.

-Research and plan each stop of our trip.

-Complete choreography, submit final cut music, and turn in tech sheets.

-Plan clothing for our Southern Road Trip.

-Sort kids clothes to see what they have outgrown.

-Purchase new, needed clothing items. -Buy new suitcases for the trip

-Pre-pack suitcases for European trip.

-Finalize arrangement for Dogs.

-Re-home Guinea Pig, take 2.

-Hair appointments.

-Nail appointments.

-Doctor Appointments and follow ups.

-Rocco Orthodontists follow up

-Kids' Wellness checks prior to travel.

-Daily dishes, laundry, cleaning.

-Join a Pilates class.


-Showering....yes, that sometimes makes my list! :)


Each of these require their own steps (or list!) to be completed, some them I really enjoy, others not so much. Take for example, packing. It's a little daunting, because we are going to be in several different climates and occasions over the course of several months. Everything has to be in one carry on per person, with an additional personal bag such as a backpack. First, I'm packing for our road trip through the south. That's a little easier because we will have the car for anything extra that might be needed. It will be a little cooler since it's in the Spring, so that's not "shorts" weather for me. My husband, on the other hand, thinks everything is "shorts" weather, so he's happy taking just a backpack with 3 pairs of underwear, a couple shirts and a couple shorts. He pretty much wears the same thing all the time, so his packing is not super difficult. Second, I'm packing for Europe, which will be during the summer and possibly hot. Two totally different trips to pack for!

So anyways, these are the things that are occupying my time lately. In my opinion, all of this is nothing worth writing about, but here we are. Regular's what I'm doing.

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