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About Me

My name is Mark Stefan Reinoso. My father is dead, and my  beautiful, wonderful mother is brain dead in hospice. My kids play too many video games, and live a completely sterile, uninteresting life in a gated community with no other kids around.

I'm overworked, overpaid, overweight and petrified that life is killing me very, very softly. The most excitement I have daily is watching my HOA neighbors lose their mind over the fact that I don't take my garbage cans in right away and occasionally leave my car out overnight on the street. I'm 46 and I don't know if this is a 3rd mid life crisis, if I'm going insane or if I just have an aversion to some parts of modern life.

I'm getting rid of my house on the hill, with its swimming pool and sunset views, to live in a dodgy condo with neighbors with muffin tops, bad teeth and old people who wear muumuu's 24 hours a day....all of this so we can travel for a year, reconnect as a family, break my kids addiction to video games and have them live a real life. 

This blog isn't for you, its for me. It's an online diary, for me many years from now, to look back on my insipid, pathetic life and say: "I did this, and look how wonderful it was"

You can still read this blog, just be aware, these are my thoughts. I'm not changing anything to suit anyone but me....maybe my wife.

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