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An ending, a beginning

Our calendar year of "travelling" has come to an end, but the reality is we are always travelling. We have always viewed travelling as our passion, our hobby. This last year has given us some amazing journeys.

Even during this year, when many people haven't left their homes, we've been living our lives. It's not impossible for us to sit still, but traveling is something we choose to do. In 2020, we have gone camping, gone to Mexico, been to the Pacific Coast, and been several times to Oregon, spending months there. I'm thankful that we are able to do all these things as a family and stay safe while doing so. It's important to be safe, but also logical and reasonable during these times.

In any case, we've had some fun and exciting times and projects during this last year that were not planned. Flexibility is an important quality in life. If there is one thing that got hammered home this year, it's that things don't go as planned! We've had some real estate decisions to make, and my husband has done an incredible job at navigating it. He's really amazing/masterful at making decisions on the fly, and he has guided us so well through this last year. All his employees and partners think the world of him, and sometimes I forget how incredible he is, in so many things. I'm thankful for my life!

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