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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I'm starting to go stir crazy. Being cooped up here in the condo for 4 weeks is starting to take it's toll. For whatever reason, this week I've really noticed a difference. I'm needing some space, some freedom. I'm tired of being "mommed' to death. Everyone wants to be touching me all the time. Everyone wants my constant attention.

Everyone....My husband is wanting time. My kids are demanding of my attention and have to be hanging on me all the time. I have feet constantly on me, evidently so they can be maintaining some kind of contact at any given time, and truth be told I'm not much of a foot person. At the dinner table, on the couch... you name it, feet... touching me... constantly. Even the dogs follow me everywhere or want to be touching me. They are fighting over having their fur touching my leg while sitting on the couch. Morning coffee now has dogs fighting over being in my lap.

Has my family gone crazy? Or maybe it's just me. I think we may be reaching the end of our "Covid" rope.

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