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Tacos and Dreams

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This is only partly about dreams... it's really about me going to Mexico and eating stuff that I shouldn't have. We took a last minute trip a while ago to Mexico with some friends, and tried everything. Lots of shrimp, fish and tacos. Great times and great food. But then..... the revenge hit. Two days after I got back, I had massive stomach cramps and everything that goes along with eating and drinking in Mexico. That's what I get for trying all the foods offered to me in Mexico. I didn't sleep for 3 days, my body was expelling anything and everything every 30 minutes. I had no idea my intestinal tract held that much substance. That's bad enough, but as my luck would have it, there was more. With all my issues in the nether region, apparently there was some co-mingling going on and I developed a severe Urinary Tract Infection. I had no idea that a male could get one, until I realized that I skipped the biology course in high school where scientists explained that males urinated, just like women, and had a urinary tract, just like women. All this logic didn't really permeate my sickly, victimized outer only thought, after a stomach bug, then a UTI, was: "What's next? A Yeast Infection?" I was feeling sorry for myself, and miserable at the same time. Work was fine, it seemed like I summoned all the courage and fortitude necessary to keep things going during the day, but kept the days shortened, and curled into the fecal position(I didn't misspell) the rest of the time. Eventually, with the right medications, I was well enough to begin sleeping all through the night, and the nightly rhythms that I took for granted came back all at once. The dreams came back with a vengeance.

My first dream in over a week: 2 baby Labrador puppies were nursing off my nipples, while I was in a hot tub with Vince Vaughn. The hot tub was in a rocket ship, and we were heading to space... 2nd dream: two toddlers turned into penguins, and started eating the bugs that were crawling out of my legs. I couldn't run, but kept falling down, and eventually got swarmed. Then I woke up in a panic, sweating.

3rd dream: I was giving a presentation at my church while on the toilet, on the stage, and doing a great job. Everyone started clapping, but I didn't want to get up, so I just sat up there the whole time. It's like my body needed to dream, that it had all these things stored up in some unused part of the brain, just waiting to get released. I don't know what role dreams play in our psyche, but obviously we need them, otherwise our magnificent brain wouldn't conjure them up. The interesting thing about dreams: they are actually hallucinations. That's it. The cool thing about hallucinations is that they only occur at night, and we call them dreams. Otherwise, if you tell people that you've been hallucinating, you might get demoted at your job or your church, or your spouse might not talk to you for a while. You know what? I think Ill try it

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