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Topsy Turvey Waiting Game

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Well, as everyone is well aware, the last few weeks have been very topsy turvey. Coronavirus is wreaking havoc with all of our lives, including our travel plans. The roller coaster of emotions has been interesting, to say the least.

We, in general, are not ones to panic. Although, to be fair, we each handle the different aspects of our lives differently. In areas where I tend to get stressed, my husband is super calm, and in areas that he freaks out, I am the calm one. For example, when it comes to the children’s health, I am definitely the calm parent. On the inside I can be a hot mess, but I exude a sense of calm confidence… or at least I like to think I do! On the other hand, that is definitely an area that my husband doesn’t handle well. I remember one time when our son got his finger pinched in the baby gate. My husband slung our then three year old over his shoulder and began running through the house screaming “It’s broken! IT’S BROKEN!!” repeatedly. It wasn’t broken. Needless to say, my son was completely undone, and it took an awful lot for me to get everyone calmed down. Keep in mind this is the same man who got bit by a spider and insisted he had "necrotizing fasciitis".

However, he thrives in pretty much any other situation. When things don’t go according to plan, be it business, money, travel, etc… he actually gets more excited. He handles stress incredibly well….. so well that he portrays almost a false sense of security. He makes it look very easy when it is anything but. I think we are a good team. Both of us are very capable, and have an innate sense that we can overcome any obstacle. I think that's a big reason why I married him. So the last few weeks have really been up his alley. I am feeling unsettled, but he is feeling super calm. Our businesses are definitely taking a hit. He is actively mitigating the impact this crisis is having and will continue to have in the foreseeable future. After fifteen years of marriage, I’m beginning to feel that my husband thrives in chaos. On the home front we are okay. As I wrote previously in this blog, we are pseudo preppers, so it looks like all that "Four Bean Salad" could come in handy. I’m not thrilled at the prospect, but I am thankful that we are somewhat prepared.

The kids are a little unnerved, I can tell. It’s understandable. There is a palpable tension in the air right now. Think back on the major events that stick in your memory. I can remember when the Space Shuttle exploded. I was in sixth grade. Twin towers anyone? I was at work, doing collection calls while it happened. I was talking to people on the phone who were freaking out because they lived in New York and it was happening right then. Similar to those events, this is definitely something that all of us will remember. For my generation and younger, it is unprecedented. Our sense of security is definitely threatened, if not gone.

With all of this, we are making week by week decisions regarding the Southern USA portion of our travel plans. We've already cancelled or truncated portions of it. Europe is still on currently, but we have until the end of April to see what is happening in the world. On one hand, it is disappointing, but that is such a minor feeling compared to what is happening worldwide right now. Mostly I’m thankful. Thankful that in a time of such economic instability we are in an extremely affordable condo. Thankful that we are in our own home, with supplies to help us weather this crisis. Thankful we are all together and healthy. I hope all of you have your loved ones accessible and you are all keeping safe!

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