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The Kids

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I think one of the most important and anxiety filled aspects of this decision to move is the impact it’s going to have on my kids. As a parent, it is vitally important to me to maintain a healthy, happy, stable environment for my children. I love them so much and would never want to cause them harm. Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time in thought and prayer about them.

We’ve tried to make them a part of this decision and process. I’ve asked them about their concerns, questions, thoughts, etc. We’ve had many a discussion. For the most part, they are both on board and excited. One of the biggest changes is going to be in their schooling.

I have pretty strong opinions about education. When it came to my own kids I was a little particular over the school I picked for them to attend. I researched and asked around, and finally settled on an accelerated Charter School nearby. Both of my kids are very bright. My son tested into the advanced school at the age of 4, but I decided to wait until the normal of age of 5 to start him in Kindergarten. He constantly amazes me with the way he analyzes and thinks. My daughter is also incredibly intelligent! She is kind, funny and very caring. They both are excelling in school, getting straight A’s and generally being outstanding. So it’s important to me that they continue to do well, and have a love of learning that surpasses just getting a good grade.

In truth, I haven’t been the hugest fan of homeschool. Both my parents were highly educated, and my mother was a school teacher. Growing up I saw too many kids that were “homeschooled” that could have been the poster child for why not to homeschool. That being said, I recognize that the industry has entirely changed. It’s pretty amazing the number of options available now. However, I really didn’t realize how resistant I am to homeschooling until I’m faced with the reality of actually doing it. I should clarify that when I say Homeschooling, I mean doing an Online School at home. In the past I have tossed around the idea of Homeschooling, particularly when school would get in the way of our travel plans..then the idea would seem particularly attractive.

Last Friday I finally, as one friend put it, “ripped off the band-aid” and registered my kids with an Online Distance Learning School. I had intended for us to use a free, accredited State program. There are several, and I spent hours on the phone and online researching them. It wasn’t until just this last week that finally one person mentioned that our travel plans could be a real problem. Evidently you can’t be away from a local IP address for more than 2 weeks. They will automatically unenroll you. What?? This was pertinent information and I suddenly was having to shift gears and research Private Schools which can cost a pretty penny. I finally settled on a program that seems to check off a lot of my boxes regarding what I was wanting from the program. Now that the decision is done and paid for, I have a whole new set of worries.

My daughter seems very excited about the prospect, and my son vacillates between ambivalence and seeming excitement. I think he recognizes the impact it’s going to have more so than my daughter. I’m dreading our last day of public school here and wonder if I made a mistake going ahead and having them start school in August. I knew that I needed them out of my hair while I’m trying to get the house packed up, but I’m expecting some repercussions.

For me personally, I’m stressed out about doing a good job. Several friends who currently are schooling their kids at home have reassured me that I will do great, the kids will do great…that it’s going to be fine. They’ve said it takes a few weeks to adjust but we will be sailing along before we know it. I’m cautiously optimistic about the whole thing, but it seems insurmountable at this point in time. I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark, trying to find the light switch which supposedly is there. In any case, the books are in the mail and we will be diving in starting September 16th.

It’s moments like these that I feel the need to take a Settle Down pill and quell the rising panic. I hope they send a bottle of wine for the Learning Coach along with those books.

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